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Guy Paddock, chief executive officer, RedBottle Design, LLC

“Lionheart Communications takes what you want to say and articulates
exactly how it needs to be said. Add in the efficiency they bring to media

relations, and it’s an effortless process for me. Breathe in, relax, that—that right there—that’s the feeling of your work being taken care of. That information you wanted to send out to the press? Already done. That follow-up you wanted? Already done. That coverage you were hoping for? Already there. I rely on Lionheart because I know they’ll take care of everything.”


Cindy Davis, editor in chief, TechDecisions Media

“My relationship with Lionheart Communications over the past 14-plus years goes above and beyond most PR agency relationships. They always make sure the editors for the various publications I work on have the pertinent information needed for articles -- and on time to meet our deadlines. Lionheart’s depth of technical knowledge has proven to be a great asset in helping shape the related content we create, and they make sure their clients’ needs align with our editorial audience. It’s a great partnership.”


James Chan, director, Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America, Inc.

“Lionheart Communications makes my PR gears turn smoothly. Our decision to work with them is one of the best investments of our limited marketing dollars. They get the work done efficiently and effectively.”


Evan Powell, editor-in-chief,

“Lionheart Communications is among the best PR firms with whom we work, and as a publisher, that’s a lot of them. They are always prompt and efficient. Unlike many others, they instill confidence that when we need information quickly, we get it.”



Cayce Blanchard, senior vice president of corporate communications, Mitsubishi Electric:

“Lionheart Communications understands the technical nature of our products across a variety of markets and consistently uses high quality writing and solid communication skills honed from years of experience. I’ve worked with them for many years and recommend them to any company working in any industry.”

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