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School Safety and Visitor Management


Creating a safe environment for learning is paramount for any school district, and one of the most vital aspects of safety is knowing who is in your school at any given time. Depending on the size of the district, you can have hundreds of visitors every day: vendors, volunteers, and those who are picking students up. Visitor Management is an incredibly important part of school safety and not something that should be left to chance.



Behind the Trade Show Scene with Shuttle


Trade Shows are filled with people, noise, and action, with business happening in every booth. Big bold displays show brilliant graphics and video splashed across giant temporary walls. Companies that attend spend a lot of money to meet and greet customers, vendors, and partners, and it is vital that everything sets up quickly, easily, turns on, and operates, just as it was designed to do. And when the displays don’t work, panic ensues.


Upgrading Your Mitsubishi Electric Video Wall to LED Technology

Upgrading technology in your control room is always a big, challenging project, especially when it comes to your display wall. Even maintaining the displays that you currently have can be costly, particularly when it comes to replacing lamps—you pay for the lamp of course (which can be as much as $1,000 per lamp, per display), and often the wall has to be shut down, restarted and recalibrated, which can take time. And don’t they say that time is money? 

Projecting From the Cloud: What You Need to Know About the Future of Projection

When I first heard of the “cloud” a few years ago, I wondered what it meant and how it was going to affect my everyday life. It took awhile for the concept to take hold and become a part of the vernacular, and now most people think of it as an amorphous place that stores your files, music, video and photos. 

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