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The Hidden Treasures of the Carnegie Library at Alfred University


A 1960's era renovation entombed beautiful columns with complex capitals in its old library building; in 2015 they were uncovered and in desperate need of repair. Scott Grove, artist and sculptor, restored these capitals using molds, fiberglass, plaster, and innovative techniques.


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Flexing Your Schedule - How Two Schools Integrate Flex time

Many middle and high schools still favor traditional schedules where classes run approximately an hour, and each student sees his or her teacher every day. But in recent years there has been a resurgence in Modular, Flex, and Block scheduling, so that each student has longer class periods, with different  teachers on different days.

Ramenwerk and Mitsubishi Electric Create a Visual Feast for
Brooklyn-based Dassara Restaurant

Interiors in the hospitality business come in all shapes and sizes: tall ceilings, short ceilings; brick walls, painted walls; televisions, no televisions; florescent lighting, intimate lighting; object d’art everywhere, no objects anywhere; paintings, no paintings...the list goes on. One thing is certain though: generally, an interior is a static, unchangeable space. But that’s not true at Dassara, a hip ramen restaurant in Brooklyn, NY, which can morph its interior to suit its clientele, and create theme nights just by changing its wall graphics.

Investing in the present

The city of New Orleans has learned some hard lessons over the years, especially when it comes to traffic flow. Its unique geography limits the way people can travel on its bridges and highways. And whether it’s from a simple flat tire or severe flooding, traffic can easily come to a standstill.


All I Want for Christmas is a Photo with Santa

Ever since photography was invented, people shared their photos – they framed and mounted them on the wall, put them in albums and carried them in their wallets. But with the advent of digital photography in recent times, most people share their photos electronically, post them on social media sites and display them on their computers.                      


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